Our History begins way back in the 1970’s where our father started a small shop in Amman city center ( Wast El Balad ). The first milestone: After that, we established small wholesale shop in the heart of the hardware market in Madaba Street in east Amman in the early eighties.

The second milestone: The idea evolved from the Absence of a home improvement outlet in the market. Bashiti Hardware managed to successfully reach the homes of many Jordanians through its unique product range accompanied by our professional help and advice. Bashiti Hardware strives to provide superior quality products and unique ranges of items. With the numerous globally recognized brands under its roofs, the company will continue Expanding strategically

Throughout understanding our customer’s needs and requirements, we are able to articulate our offered products and services to perfectly fit with specific And technical needs of customers.
Bashiti Hardware’s team of experts to offer more Than a mere product. The company delivers, export maintains, repair assembles and advises of what is best for its customer. Whether this customer is a corporate client or retails shoppers.
Through the integrated services, Bashiti Hardware provides value to its rapidly growing niche market with synergy in a comprehensive approach.
Bashiti Hardware roofs more than 100.000 items in both its retail and wholesale units Provide by more than 1000 suppliers from Asia, the Middle East, Europe & North America. Our distribution chain functions on a strong network with full coverage of the kingdom.

In Addition to our retail and showroom, project supply division is taking a big share in our business we are having the ability to supply the construction projects & camp for all their requirements,wholesale division also covering the country using our supply channels and our outdoor sales team.

Our Company Divisions

Retail showroom & E-commerce

Our main showroom located 93 king Abdullah 2nd street Amman main city of Jordan . Bashiti hardware store is a 3 levels showroom with a total area about 25000 square feet , and a number of employees around 65 whom dedicated to serve our clients in the front and back support . Also E-commerce service now available thru our website , mobile App & social media .

wholesale Division

Bashiti hardware is in this line of business from the beginning of establishing the company . our wholesale center is located in south Amman where is the main wholesale market for tools & hardware . also we do have our wholesale team of sales and logistics whom are covering all cities of Jordan .

Corporate , contracts , tenders & project supplies division

Due to the diversity of our esteemed clients, our good experience in clients needs and products sourcing and excellent service this division in our company is growing rapidly every year .In this division we do have a dedicated sales and logistic teams whom are only doing their job for supporting these clients for all their needs from more than 300 suppliers in and out the country.